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Nexus Prime launched in UK

Nexus Prime launched in UK

 Just when the anticipation for the new mysterious and high end device from Samsung and Google named Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus was at its highest point, it has been announced that the release of the device has been postponed. This is certainly quite shocking news for many people since everything seemed to be set for this release on Samsung’s Unpacked Event to be held on 11th of October.
According to the resources, this delay in release was caused due to the untimely death of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. The announcement of this delay was made by a joint announcement by Samsung and Google and just a few hours after this announcement, it was further announced that this delay is not for too long. It turns out that Samsung and Google would once again be teaming up for the release of this amazing device during the Samsung event scheduled to be held on 27th of October.
Nexus Prime, with all its amazing technical specifications, is probably the most anticipated device among all the recently released devices. According to the initial speculations, this Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich based phone would be running on a 1.2 GHz processor and would contain a 4.65 inches of AMOLED HD screen. The resolution of the screen is 1280-by-720 pixels. Besides, the phone would also be have a 5 mega pixels of rare end camera and 1.3 mega pixels of front end camera. Anyways, for the time being, the news of delay seems to be much more important than the technical specifications of the device.
The location of the next event of Samsung would most probably be London where Samsung event would be held on 27th of October. It is this event during which the expected release of Nexus Prime would take place. Although the news of the delay has considerably decreased the importance of the Samsung Unpacked event to be held on 11th, the event still holds a lot of attraction since Google plans to unveil the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, during this event. So fans of Android should certainly be up to attend that event. Besides, 27th is also just a couple of weeks after that and most probably the device would be released on the eve of 27th. We hope that the extra wait that Android and Nexus fans have to bear would be worth it and Nexus Prime would indeed prove to be something big with exciting features and technical specifications.

Unlock Nexus Prime

Although there were rumors that Galaxy Nexus will be available only in Verizon wireless network, it is more than likely to be a GSM-CDMA phone, hence to have it under offers with GSM operators as well. If you think to unlock Nexus Prime you have to know that the best way is to choose for a factory unlock. In this way you will have a Samsung Nexus Prime unlock permanently with no risks after upgrading software.

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