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Rumors and speculations about various technical aspects of Samsung Galaxy S3

Rumors and speculations about various technical aspects of Samsung Galaxy S3

Now that the expected release date of Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting closer, rumors and speculations about various technical aspects of the device are also getting wilder. In a latest piece of information that came all the way from Korea indicate that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be equipped with the high quality 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus display along with a resolution of 1280 x 720. Sources have further revealed that Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) has started working on the displays and this would be the first time that we would see HD resolution on a non-Pentile phone display. Previously we have seen 4.65 inch 720p Super AMOLED display that was used in Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S2 HD LTE.

A lot of development and improvement has been going on when it comes to the display of mobile devices. Recently we have seen the remarkable Retina Display of iPhone 4S and the new iPad. Besides, we would also be seeing the best ever screen on HTC’s upcoming device with the name of HTC One X which would come with 720p Super LCD 2. Besides, the pixel density of Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to be about 316 ppi which, once again, is highly impressive and happens to be just a couple of dots away from iPhone’s famed Retina Display. The resolution and pixel density of Galaxy Note, even with its large size of 5.3 inches, was also quite impressive. Galaxy Note used a Pentile arrangement for its display and performed more than was expected.

As for the exact release date of Galaxy S3, we are still unaware of that since Samsung has not announced it as yet. But it seems that the release is not too far since Samsung has told that the device is already being tested on Korean carriers. But the standard time span for the completion of the testing process is two months which means that we might have to wait for another couple of months. We might have to wait even longer since the device would come with a quad core processor having support for LTE and that would certainly make the testing process challenging. Meanwhile, Samsung has also announced to release the next model of its Galaxy Tab by the end of April.

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