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Rumors regarding the name and release date of Samsung Galaxy S3

Rumors regarding the name and release date of Samsung Galaxy S3

Just about everyone, particularly the Android enthusiasts, in the market of mobile devices have been looking for bits of information regarding the upcoming model of Samsung Galaxy phone. Samsung Galaxy S3 was supposed to be released during the Mobile World Congress previously but the release was delayed for some unknown reasons and so far, everyone has just been waiting for this phone to show up. According to the latest rumors from some tech sources, Samsung has been considering changing the name of the device and instead of Galaxy S3 , it might be called Galaxy M. However, Samsung has not approved this news officially and during the latest official mention of the phone, it was called merely a successor to Galaxy S2 and Samsung refrained from giving it any name. Samsung has only announced that the phone would be released during the first half of this year and nothing has been unveiled about the technical specifications, price or exact release date of the phone.
Previously, such hype has also been seen before the release of major Apple devices such as the new iPad and iPhone 4S. Before the release of iPhone 4S, everyone seemed almost dead sure that it would be called iPhone 5 but Apple chose to name it otherwise. Almost similar thing happened with the new iPad with everyone speculating iPad 3 but Apple naming it simply the new iPad. We would have to wait and see whether Samsung follows the suit and gives a new name for the next model of Galaxy Phone. However, this name might be for some other Samsung device since Samsung has been releasing a lot of new smart phones lately. A new mysterious device showed up at Samsung’s Global Download Centre’sUKbranch which was called GT-19308. So far there is no information regarding that device and it is also possible that it actually turns out to be a tablet instead of a smart phone.
As for Galaxy S3, it would be the closest rival of Apple’s iPhone since Samsung Galaxy S2 is already the most popular Android device in the market and has been doing extremely well. With impressive hardware and the latest version of Android, Galaxy S3 would certainly give iPhone 5, which would most probably be released this summer, a touch time.

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