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Rumors regarding the release date of Samsung Galaxy S3

Rumors regarding the release date of Samsung Galaxy S3

Although Samsung has launched some pretty impressive products during the recent Mobile World Congress, still the device that happens to be main attraction has not been unveiled. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S3, the latest model in the Galaxy line of phones from Samsung. Previously, most people were expecting that Samsung would announce the release of this phone during the MWC but Samsung decided to go against the expectation and instead delay the release of this phone. The new release date might fall somewhere during April or Samsung might event delay the release till summer. But on the other hand, the next version of iPhone would also most probably be released during this summer so Samsung would also need to take that into consideration.

At present, there are several rumors and speculations as to the launch date of Galaxy S3 but no official statement from Samsung. Galaxy line of phones has been among the most important products from Samsung; particularly Samsung Galaxy S2 can be regarded as the most popular Android smart phone in the market, so the high excitement seen for Galaxy S3 is quite natural. Galaxy S2 has some of the finest technical specifications that can be found on any smart phone and we are expecting that Samsung would showcase something even more exciting on the next model of the device. At present, Galaxy S2 can be considered the closest rival of iPhone, even though it still has a long way to go before catching up with iPhone. As for the release date of Galaxy S3, Samsung would need to choose it carefully so that the date would not fall close to the release of the next version of iPhone. If it does, it might not receive the attention that it actually deserves amidst all the hype for the iPhone.

With respect to the technical specifications, what we can expect in Galaxy S3 include a quad-core processor, an improved camera and HD display. Needless to say, the operating system for the phone would be Ice Cream Sandwich since ICS update for Galaxy S2 is already available. Detailed technical specifications of the phone, along with the price, however, remain unknown as yet. Let’s keep out eyes open for any future Samsung event that might result in the public display of Galaxy S3.

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