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Samsung ATIV Odyssey got the approval from FCC

Samsung ATIV Odyssey got the approval from FCC

All smart phones and tablets, before being officially and legally launched in the US market, have to undergo through the verification and approval process of Federal Trade Commission (FCC). Each week, we hear about some smart phone or tablet which receives the approval from FCC and is launched in the US market. Another important and yet so far unseen device has just made through this approval and is ready for the launch.

This device, most probably, happens to be Samsung ATIV Odyssey, which is another Windows 8 based smart phone from Samsung designed specifically for Verizon wireless. Although the phone has not been named during the verification process, its code, SCH-i930, points towards a Windows 8 based device. Besides, the CDMA and LTE frequencies of the phone are the main requirements for a Verizon device. So it is not very difficult to infer the identity of this smart phone.

From the figures, the phone certainly seems to be Samsung ATIV S while the code number is a successor to SCH-i920 which belongs to previous Samsung’s Windows based smart phone. So clearly what we are witnessing here is the upcoming Windows 8 based smart phone. The SCH-i920 belonged to Omnia II which was a Windows 6.5 based smart phone from Samsung released back in 2009 and is available in the US under contract with Verizon. Since then, no Samsung phone running Windows has been launched exclusively for Verizon but with Samsung ATIV S this would change.

Other than Samsung, Microsoft has also released a Windows 8 smart phone specifically for Verizon which was called Odyssey and was announced on October 29 during the launch of Windows 8. With a dedicated carrier and regulatory stamp of approval, Odyssey would soon make its way to the market. And with the launch of Samsung ATIV S, there would be quite a few high quality Windows 8 smart phones in the market and the number would increase in future, considering that Windows 8 has all the potential to grasp a large market share.


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