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Samsung Ativ S – the first Windows 8 smart phone

Samsung Ativ S – the first Windows 8 smart phone

Although the main attraction during the IFA event of Samsung at Berlin was Galaxy Note 2, the company also released several Windows 8 devices, including the first Windows 8 smart phone called Samsung Ativ S. Additionally, Samsung has also introduced a new brand with the name of ATIV for its Windows based devices to be launched in near future. Other than the above mentioned smart phone, these devices include ATIV Tab, and Windows 8 Pro notebook/tablet hybrids called Smart PC and Smart PC Pro.

Samsung’s announcement of Ativ S came as a surprise for most tech analysts, since they were expecting that Nokia, being the official partner of Microsoft, would come up with the first Windows 8 based phone. In addition to surprising everyone with the announcement, Samsung has also made sure that the device contains some amazing technical specs. These specs include a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, and 1 GB of RAM memory. Additionally, it would be available in two models of 16 GB and 32 GB.

The ATIV tab, which was also announced during the same event, would be a 10.1-inch tab running Microsoft Windows RT. It would come packed with a variety of Windows app such as Internet Explorer, Bing, Microsoft Office and others. Other than having a USB port and uHDMI, the ATIV Tab would have a 5 mega pixel back end camera and a 1.9 megapixel front end camera. Samsung, however, has not announced the exact release date or price of these devices, although it is quite clear that it would hit the market after October 26, the day when Microsoft would officially launch Windows 8.

Talking about the two notebook/tablet hybrids which were also announced during the same Berlin event, they would both come with Windows 8 Pro. The notebooks would contain 11.6-inch screens and would also have backward compatibility for Windows 7. The two notebooks are named ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro. Out of these, Smart PC Pro would run on Intel Core i5 CPU while the other one, ATIV Smart PC, would come with next-gen Intel Atom CPU. A notable fact is that Samsung has introduced Galaxy Note’s S-Pen digitizer with these two notebooks as well, which could be used to draw images, graphics and doodles on the display of these devices. As for the price and release date of these notebooks, no official information is available so far.

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