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Samsung could not fulfill the demands for Galaxy S3

Samsung could not fulfill the demands for Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is certainly one of the most highly demand smart phones in history and the demand has risen to such an extent that Samsung is unable to fulfill it at the moment. Due to this inability to keep up with the huge demand, Samsung has lost about 2 million sales this month. It is also predicated the sales figure would reach to as much as 10 million within two months. Other than cutting edge features of the device an active campaigning from Samsung, the absence of Apple’s latest iPhone has also played its role in this popularity of Galaxy S3. Carriers in the US have also delayed the launch of the device due to an overwhelming number of pre-orders.
According to Samsung, ‘It is simply that demand far exceeded our expectation. But that doesn’t mean we had set a very conservative demand forecast.’ Samsung never had to face such frenzy over any of its gadgets in past so this would certainly be quite pleasant for the company. The timing for the launch of Galaxy S3 was well chosen by Samsung since the next version of iPhone would not be released before the fall of this year and there wasn’t really anyone else who could compete with this device.
With the expected sales of 10 million in two months, this would become the fastest selling smart phone from Samsung ever. So far, Galaxy S3 has been generating highly positive reviews from critics as well as common users. According to analyst Carolina Milanesi, such high demand was a surprise for Samsung not because it did not believe in its product, but because it over-estimated the market competition. She further said that other than iPhone 4S and HTC One X, there aren’t any phones in the market that could come close to Galaxy S3, which certainly went in favor of Galaxy S3.
Samsung is expecting record earning during this quarter mainly due to the sales of Galaxy S3, which would be further augmented by Galaxy S2 and upcoming version of Galaxy Note. So far, everything seems to be going in favor of Samsung and it is pretty evident that Galaxy S3 would be the closest rival of Apple’s upcoming version of iPhone.

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