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Samsung filed patents for three new devices at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Samsung filed patents for three new devices at the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Samsung announced various exciting new products during the Mobile World Congress and even after the event Samsung continues to announce some of the finest smart phones in the market. However, still there has been no official news about the most anticipated Samsung product, Galaxy S3. This phone, that was previously supposed to be announced during the WMC, was delayed by Samsung to be announced at some later Samsung event, but so far we don’t have any information about that event or the device itself. But recently, Samsung filed patents for three new devices which have made people curious since one of these three devices might even turn out to be Galaxy S3. The trademark filings were submitted a few days ago at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but unfortunately, there is not any more information about these devices more than this simple plain fact, which makes us question whether one of these devices might be Galaxy S3.
Apparently these devices are being called Stellar, Emerge and Halo but of course, these might turn out to be the code names. However, all these devices might be just mid range fillers with average specs. They, on the other hand, might also turn out to be among the best high end devices from Samsung but not Galaxy S3. So anything that would be said about these devices at this stage is simply nothing more than speculation and rumor. In past Samsung has filed patents for smart phones with their original names as well as code names so we can’t say for sure whether these are the real names or code names of the devices. Examples of previous smart phones from Samsung with different names include Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Rite.
So far, no details have been disclosed about the technical specifications, release date or price of the devices. We are also not sure when Samsung would be announcing these devices. It is possible that Samsung announces these devices and Galaxy S3 during the same event, in which case these devices would most probably be the mid range phones. The announcement of Galaxy S3 might take place in April or Samsung might even decide to delay the announcement till summer. We would have to wait for some more time to see how things actually turn out to be.

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