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Samsung Focus 2 at a very reasonable price

Samsung Focus 2 at a very reasonable price

Samsung introduced its new Windows based phone, Samsung Focus 2, this week at CITA in New Orleans. The phone would be available from AT&T starting from 20th of May at a very reasonable price of $49 under a two year contract. With the release of this device we would hopefully have another quality Windows based phone in the market at a very reasonable price.
So far, Nokia Lumia 900 could be considered the best Windows based phone in the market. Initially it was priced at $99 with a two year contract but, considering the tough competition, the price was later dropped to just $49. This made Nokia Lumia a great competitor of top devices like iPhone 4 and Motorola Atrix 2. However, with the release of Samsung Focus 2, it seems that Nokia Lumia has encountered its perfect rival. Samsung has already placed the phone for $49 which might compel Nokia to further decrease the price of Lumia 900. Important technical specs of Focus 2 include a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 8 GB of internal storage capacity and 1.4 GHz single-core processor. Besides, we have a 5 mega pixel rare end camera with the facility of 720p HD video recording. However, Samsung has retained the round physical structure of the original Samsung Focus.
We can’t say that this is one of the very best smart phones in the market, considering all the factors. There are giants like Samsung Galaxy S3 that would come with a quad core processor, higher resolution camera with1080p HD video recording, and larger internal storage capacity. However, if we consider only Windows OS based devices in the market, this can certainly top the list. Besides, there is also $50 price tag to place it even higher in the list. However, as the device seems pretty impressive on papers, actual worth of it would only be known after it is experienced in real life situation. Only after the hardware and software is tested by tech experts as well as common people, can we say anything for sure about this device. There are certain great things in Windows mobile platform such as the built-in Office Mobile apps for business use. Besides, windows phone are also relatively cheaper when we compare them with Android and iOS based phones. At a nominal price of $49, one should certainly give this device a chance.

Unlock Samsung Focus 2
Once this phone is released, you can unlock Samsung Focus 2 with us and use it in every mobile network. This procedure is very simple and costs only $19.75.

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