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Samsung Focus S

Samsung Focus S

The onslaught of smartphones with a wide variety of specifications and reasonable prices from Samsung continues. Recently, Samsung has announced and released several smartphones as well as a couple of tablet devices. One of these recently announced Samsung products happens to be Samsung Focus S. The announcement about this phone was done officially on September 12, however the release date of the device is not known yet.

Samsung Focus S is also known as Samsung I937, which can be considered its code name. To start with the technical specifications, this phone has a clear difference form most other Samsung phones that have been released recently. The biggest difference is that of operating system, since this phone would be running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, unlike most other smartphones from Samsung that run Google Android. The processor on which the device would be operating happens to be single core 1400 MHz. Mango OS is a bit better than the previous mobile versions from Microsoft so the choice can’t be considered bad. Microsoft had indicated some 500 improvements in this OS as compared to the previous versions. But of course, it’s still hard to believe that this would be as good as Android. If, however, the device proves to be a success, Samsung might drop the plans to continue with Bada OS in future and instead concentrate on using established operating systems.

Samsung Focus S would be having a 4.3 inches super AMOLED capacitive Touchscreen screen which is good. Features such as the capability of multi touch, light sensor and proximity sensors are part of the screen. The screen specifications certainly can be included among the best available in the market so far. What’s even more interesting is that this phone would be showcasing an 8 mega pixels camera which can hardly be found in any other smartphone. This would further be facilitated with 1.3 mega pixels front end camera for video calling and conferencing. Body of the device is pretty smart and it can well compete with Galaxy S2. Usual social networking applications and other software features that are part of most smartphones would certainly be part of this phone as well.

Technical specifications of Focus S are certainly impressive and the phone can be included among the high end devices. Since we don’t have information about the Focus S release date, price of Samsung Focus S is also unknown yet. So just keep your fingers crossed for a couple or so months.

Unlock Samsung Focus S

Focus S is expected end of this year. Stay tuned and we will let you know when can you buy I937 and more important how can you unlock Focus SSamsung Focus S unlock is a great idea since is giving the user opportunity to choose the best rates and to exclude roaming costs.

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