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Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash released on AT&T next Sunday

Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash released on AT&T next Sunday

AT&T announced Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash becoming available beginning November 6 on its Facebook page.


Samsung Focus S is the better model from the two being sold with $199 as you can see above. The main differences between the two devices lie in the screen size and the physical structure and other than that, technical specifications are not much different. The camera of Focus S feature 8 MP while Focus Flash capture photos with only 5MP.

Both Focus S and Focus Flash would be running on 1.4 processor while the operating system would be Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

If you don’t need a big display, Focus Flash is a good option having the same CPU and same OS but 4 times cheaper. Anyway is good for us to have these remarcable handsets in US beginning next week.


Unlock Focus S – Unlock Focus Flash


If you don’t want to use these phones on AT&T for the next 2 years, you can unlock Focus S or have your Focus Flash unlocked with us. It is permanent and 100% guaranteed. Focus Flash and Focus S unlock codes will be available as soon as the phone is released.

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