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Samsung Focus S to be released on October 11 on AT&T

Samsung Focus S to be released on October 11 on AT&T

Samsung Focus S, which was previously rumored to be Samsung i917 Cetus, might be ready for release by 11th of October. This, however, is not confirmed news and the device might be delayed. For the time being, there is no official announcement from Samsung or AT&T. If the resources prove to be right and the given date turn out to be the actual release date of the device, Focus S would then be released at the CTIA wireless association exhibition in San Diego.

Samsung Focus S is among the most coveted and highly anticipated devices that would be released in the next few weeks by Samsung. Let’s take a short review of the technical specifications of this smartphone. Focus S would come with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a screen size of 4 inches and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Initially, the device is expected to be available only in 8 GB model at 512 MB of RAM. Later on, it might be available in multiple models but that depends on how the users receive this phone. 5 mega pixels of rare end camera would be integrated in this device equipped with auto focus and LED flash. The camera would also record video at 720p.

This phone would be running Windows Phone 7 and this is where the difference between this phone and most other smartphones from Samsung comes in. Apparently, Samsung has been gradually distancing itself from Google since Google acquired Motorola. Google recently acquired Motorola which means that in future it can emerge as a direct competitor to Samsung. This possibility has forced Samsung to seek for alternative partners and reduce its dependency on Android OS and hence Google. Samsung has also been working on the improvement process of its own Bada OS which has been used in the Wave series from Samsung. Anyways, coming back to Focus S, this phone would be running on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor.

Most probably Focus S would be displayed at the upcoming CTIA exhibition but that does not mean that the device would be released immediately after that. The device might be announced to be released at some later date. For the time being, we have no information regarding the release date and exact price of Samsung Focus S. But whatever the case may be, the release of this phone is not too far now.

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Even if Samsung decide to delay Focus S release day as they have done with Galaxy Nexus, it is a fact that Samsung Focus S will be released on AT&T this year and the price under contract will be far less. We provide the solution to have your Focus S unlocked. Unlock Samsung Focus S and give your phone freedom to work in any GSM network, at the lowest costs, with 0 roaming fees.

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