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Samsung Galaxy Beam would soon be released in the UK market

Samsung Galaxy Beam would soon be released in the UK market

This year has been pretty good for Samsung since the company has been releasing high end and mid range smart phones with impressive specs quite consistently. So far, Samsung has probably released more smartphones than any other tech giant and we are yet to expect some of the finest products such as Samsung Galaxy S3. The latest remarkable product happens to be Samsung Galaxy Beam which has taken smart phones to an entirely new level with its capacity to contain an entire projector within it. This would be the first ever Android device to have such a feature inbuilt into it. With this device, you would be able to watch movies on big screen with the help of the inbuilt projector and hence convert your home into a mini theatre. Besides, you would be able to share video and photos with the people in the same room and what’s more, you would also be able to play games with your friends on the big screen. All these specs are certainly very impressive although the slight problem is that since the projector would consume a lot of battery, you would need to charge the phone more frequently if you intend to use the projector feature all day long. However, if you choose to use it moderately, then the battery issue is not a problem.

Now the good news for the UK based fans of Samsung phones is that this device would soon be released in the UK market. At present, it is included among the devices that have been listed by Clove as soon to be released. Price of Samsung Galaxy Beam happens to be £454.80 which is equal to $726. The price might sound a bit might but the technical specs of this device are certainly worth it, and of course we also expect that the price would fall in the coming days.

Although the phone is enlisted by the store and would be available soon, so far we are not aware of the exact release date of the device. Important technical specs of the device include a 1.3 GHz processor, 8 GB of internal memory and 5 mega pixel of rare end camera. Although these specs are not the very best in the market but nonetheless, the projector feature is sufficient to make this device special.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Beam

For those how are interested in this phone, after a few days from the release date you can unlock Samsung Galaxy Beam and you can use it in any mobile network.

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