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Samsung Galaxy Nexus meets UK soon

Samsung Galaxy Nexus meets UK soon

After a twisting delay and high anticipation in announcing Galaxy Nexus, Samsung and Google are finally planning to release Galaxy Nexus within the next few weeks. Previously, the release of this high end device was delayed due to the death of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. The most noteworthy aspect of this phone is that it would be running the next version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich.

Some of the expected technical specifications of Galaxy Nexus include an HD display, 4.6 inch screen and a 1.5 GHz processor. The previous version of this phone, Nexus S, showcased Android Gingerbread and this version would be introducing the next version of Android. Samsung and Google are thinking to sell some 20 million smartphones per quarter. However, the quarterly sales results of Samsung have not yet been announced. What we are expecting is that in this quarter, Samsung would surpass Nokia as the largest seller of handsets. According to the chief executive of Google, Larry Page, some 190m devices running Android have been shipped since the introduction of Android which makes the mobile business $2.5bn business. The version of Android on Galaxy Nexus, Ice Cream Sandwich, would be the first Android version which has been optimized to run efficiently on both smartphones and tablets.

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