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Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet is expected to rival the Ipad 5 in Q3

Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet is expected to rival the Ipad 5 in Q3

Galaxy Note 12

Samsung and Apple have fiercely locked their horns in the battleground of smartphones and tablets. While both tech giants are involved in lawsuits all over the globe, they are also releasing some of the finest smartphones and tablets to hit the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 12 is expected to be launched soon and interestingly its release would be quite close to the launch of Apple’s iPad 5.

So far, 10-inch screen size was considered the maximum viable size in the domain of tablets but Samsung’s Galaxy Note 12, with its 12.2-inch display, might alter the situation and further expand the battleground. The device is expected to be launched during the third quarter of 2013, although so far there is no official information about the exact release date of the device. Apple is also expected to launch the next generation version of its tablet during the third quarter this year, so let’s so who manages to lure the audience more. Some have also speculated that Apple would choose to follow the example of Samsung and launch its own version of a 12-inch iPad, but this remains a rumor thus far.

The ultra-HD display of Samsung Galaxy Note 12 is expected to feature a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, which makes perfect sense considering the large display size of the tablet. In terms of pixel density, this would be equal to 247 ppi. Just like many previous Samsung devices, the displays for Galaxy Note 12 would be manufactured by Sharp. These displays have been designed to make sure low power consumption and high efficiency.

Samsung’s recent announcements of its new versions of Galaxy Tab 3 have generally failed to excite the audience, but Samsung certainly has other devices up its sleeve, one of which happens to be Galaxy Note 12. Previously, we have also seen the 8-inch version of Galaxy Note, which proved to be quite successful in the market.

Unlike other Samsung tablets, one of the integral features that differentiate Galaxy Note from other tablets is its S-Pen, which adds a bunch of useful functionalities to the tablet to make it user-friendlier. Samsung’s tablets have been doing quite well in the market, although of course not as good as Apple devices. But Samsung remains determined by launching tablets of various sizes and specs, and Galaxy Note 12 is a step in that very direction. Let’s wait and see how it turns out for the tech giant.

Like any other Samsung handset the Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet can be network unlocked by IMEI, using an unlock code provided by our service here at SamsungIMEIunlock.

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