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Samsung Galaxy Note has hit the Canadian market

Samsung Galaxy Note has hit the Canadian market

 Finally Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most famous and highly desired mobile devices from Samsung, has hit the Canadian market. So far Canadian users were not able to enjoy this hell of a device but finally they would be able to enjoy the experience of Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note has been introduced in Canada by Bell and Telus, one of the three major carriers in Canadian market. The device, at present, would be available at a price of $199.9 along with a three year contract with the carrier. There is no information about the price of the unlocked version of device or whether unlocked version would be available or not. But even if the unlocked version is not available as yet, you can have your device unlocked with us through the simple IMEI unlock method. Using the unlocked version of the device would save you from all the extra roaming charges that you would have to bear otherwise. If the unlocked version of the device is made available, it would cost considerably higher than the version with contract.

Interestingly, so far the device has not been launched in the US market but we expect that to happen within a few days. Canadian fans, however, have got a perfect gift for the Valentine’s Day. Galaxy Note is certainly among the very best Samsung devices and even though the size of this device might seem awkward to some people, most have appreciated it. Samsung avoids calling it either phone or tablet, since it can be considered a perfect cross between the two. Having a massive screen of 5.3 inches, this device is also accompanied with an S Pen, a modern Stylus you can say. The HD Super AMOLED display of Galaxy Note along with an impressive resolution of 1280 x 800 certainly makes this phone among the elite phones available in the market at present. Telus, other than releasing Galaxy Note, would also soon release two other major Android devices in Canada: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and LG Optimus LTE. With the release of these three devices, the coverage area for LTE networks in Canada would also be increased since all these devices would be supporting the LTE networks. So in a sense February has been a very exciting month for the users of mobile devices in Canada.

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