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Samsung Galaxy Note review

Samsung Galaxy Note review

Samsung tablets have virtually dominated the market of tablet devices. Even though iPad2 is the most famous tablet at present, the likeness and trend for tablet devices might alter in the near future and the toughest competitor for Apple would certainly be Samsung along with its Android edge over iOS.

Recently, Samsung has recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note which coupled the features of a tablet device with those of the smartphones. This is certainly quite an innovation and a creative endeavor. With this device, users won’t need to carry a separate tablet, smartphone and notepad. Everything is incorporated into a single device. The device itself proved to be quite successful and has produced strong first impression, higher than the most successful Samsung device so far, Samsung Galaxy S2. What’s more, Samsung Galaxy note is expected to top the charts when it comes to price comparison. Galaxy Note has not yet been released but it is expected that it would be ready for sale by the end of this year.

Some of the interesting features of this device which can be considered a cross between a smartphone and a tablet device include a 5.3 inch screen to start with. Samsung calls this device a handset and if we consider it a smartphone, it would certainly be the phone with largest display size so far. The device would be running on a 1.4 GHz processor and would be containing a 1GB of RAM. The thickness of the device would be 9.65mm and it would weigh 178g. Other important hardware specifications, which are usually part of the tablet devices, include HSPA+, microSD card slot, FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack and a bunch of sensors. Additionally, Samsung Galaxy Note would be using Android 2.3 Gingerbread but a later upgrade to IceCream Sandwich could be possible. The device is pretty impressive when it comes to camera. A back end camera with 8 mega pixels would be part of the device which would be further supported by a front end camera of 2 mega pixels. The battery that would be coming with the device would be 2500 mAh. But probably the most noteworthy feature of Galaxy Note is the S-pen which can be considered an advanced stylus, facilitating the easy scribbling down of notes. The bottom line is that this device is certainly going to make a difference in the market.

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Samsung Galaxy Note will be soon released in UK and it will come under contract with UK mobile operators. It is addressed to those in search for mobility and it’s offering everything in this matter. Camera, PDA, Phone and TabletPC. Best thing you can do is to unlock Galaxy Note in order to travel freely without paying roamning fees. Beside this, an unlocked Galaxy Note will have a higher value in case of resell. Visit our site to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note after you buy it. We use factory unlock codes and the unlock is permanently.

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