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Samsung Galaxy Note will be available under contract with T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note will be available under contract with T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note, against all the predictions and warnings, has proven to be one of the most successful devices Samsung has ever produced. This giant of a device, which caused a lot of suspicion due to its size, was launched during the CES in January. And since the launch of the phone, Samsung has already sold some 5 million units of it which amounts to about 1 million units per month. This is certainly amazing but there might be even more success in store for this phone. In the US market, Galaxy Note is only available under contract with AT&T where its price tag is $299. But good news for the American fans of this beautiful device is that it might soon be available under contract with T-Mobile as well. A glimpse about the listing for a Samsung product was seen on T-Mobile’s website that mentioned a product with the model number SGH-T879. Even though the T in the model number generally refers to the tablets, the format of the resolution hints at its being a smart phone. The resolution mentioned on the website happens to be 800×1280 and when “800” comes before “1280”, it generally means that the device is the one that would be held in portrait mode, rather than landscape mode. However, these speculations do not really point towards any solid fact. But some screenshots of T-Mobile’s version of Galaxy Note were seen over the Internet which strengthens the rumors. A few things that were revealed in these screenshots include Android 4.0, same build number that was used for Galaxy Note for AT&T, and the model number SGH-T879.
What further gives rise to the expectations is that there is also an icon of T-Mobile’s name ID service on the corner of the device. But of course, all this is mere speculation and there has not been any official confirmation from T-Mobile as yet. But it would certainly be great if T-Mobile actually decides to release this device since that would give a lot more flexibility to the users who, right now, have to rely only on one carrier. If T-Mobile releases this product, it would most probably run on T-Mobile’s 21Mbps or 42Mbps HSPA+ network which means that it might not have full support for LTE. However, HSPA+ network of T-Mobile is not much inefficient compared to LTE and can afford pretty good data rates.

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