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Samsung Galaxy S 3 would be released in the first quarter of 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 would be released in the first quarter of 2012

Samsung’s decision not to launch the next version of Samsung Galaxy phone during the Mobile World Congress was quite a huge disappointment for many fans. The event is now just a few days away and Samsung would certainly release some other interesting products to make up for this delay. After Mobile World Congress, Samsung users are anticipating another event that would be take place at Amsterdam in March. This seems to be another ray of hope for those who are craving for Galaxy S 3. After Samsung’s confirmation that Galaxy S 3 would not be announced during MWC, a lot of attention has shifted on this upcoming Samsung event. Would Samsung finally launch the famed Galaxy S 3 during this event? Or would the release be delayed once again? We don’t know this for sure and Samsung has not given any official statement in this regard as well.

Galaxy S 2 is without a doubt not only the most popular smart phone from Samsung, it is probably the most popular Android based phone in the market. Samsung’s collaboration with Google has worked like a charm and this is one device that is considered to be the closest rival of iPhone. So the high anticipation for Galaxy S 3 is quite natural. The news of this event came from Benelux division instead of directly coming from Samsung’s global communication team. The invitations that have been sent out for this event also do not mention that there would be anything regarding the phone line-up of Samsung during this event. Although most sources agree that Galaxy S 3 would be released in the first quarter of 2012, there is no official statement from Samsung confirming this speculation. It is also possible that Samsung further delays the release of the device till the summer.

The technical specifications of Galaxy S 3 would certainly be something to look forward to. Already we have some of the finest technical specs as part of Galaxy S 2. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S 3 would be equipped with the quad-core processor, an improved camera and HD display. Besides, we would have Ice Cream Sandwich as the operating system for this device which is a delight to use. Samsung itself has not given out any information on the specs of the device. So let us keep a look out on any kind of rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S 2 specs as well as release date.

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