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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze is available at very reasonable price

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze is available at very reasonable price

Among the latest inexpensive Samsung devices that T-Mobile has been releasing, having support for its 4G network, Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze can be considered one of the best choices around. This device is available under contract with T-Mobile at an extremely reasonable price of just $199.99. Samsung Galaxy S2, on the other hand, is available for $229.99 and its technical specifications are much better, but still for people with constraint budget, Galaxy 4G Blaze seems to be the perfect choice.
The technical specifications of this phone are not the same as the best top end devices from Samsung in the market, but are nonetheless quite good. The operating system that you would use on this phone is Android 2.3 Gingerbread so for those who really want to use Ice Cream Sandwich, this could be a disappointment. Other than that, it would come with 3.97 inch Super AMOLED display having a resolution of 800×480 pixels. We would have a 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S3 process on this phone which is not bad at all. The internal memory of this phone is 4GB and besides we have a 4GB microSD card in the slot which compensates the limited internal memory to quite an extent. Other important technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze include 1 GB of RAM memory, 5 mega pixel rare end camera with the facilities of 720p HD video recording and LED flash, 1.3 mega pixel front end camera and a battery of 1750 mAh. So overall the technical specifications of this phone are quite reasonable and if you don’t need the very best in the market and also have a limited budget, this phone can actually be great for you.
Physical structure of this phone is quite solid and it appears like the BlackBerry devices. With a screen size of 3.97 inches, the phone can easily slide into the pocket and remain there. Samsung’s TouchWIZ user interface in conjunction with Android Gingerbread has worked like a charm on several other Samsung devices and the convention would most probably be continued on this phone as well. However, so far there is not any confirmed information whether this phone would get an Ice Cream Sandwich update at a later stage or not, which means that it is not a preferable device for those who want ICS at any cost. Overall, the phone works really well with T-Mobile’s network and downloading speeds of 14 Mpbs can be attained which is quite impressive.

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