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Samsung Galaxy S Duos supports two SIM card simultaneously

Samsung Galaxy S Duos supports two SIM card simultaneously

Samsung has been innovating quite a lot lately and in a recent move, the company announced a new smart phone with the name of Galaxy S Duos. While the physical structure of this phone would be quite similar to Galaxy S3, there is one thing that distinguishes it from all other smart phones: it would have the facility of supporting two SIM cards simultaneously. This would greatly enhance the facility for many users who, for some reason, have to use networks of more than one carriers and have trouble in managing their calls.

With a dual-SIM facility, users would be able to take two calls from two different carriers on the same device without any need of switching the SIM cards. This would be particularly advantageous for people who have to work on one carrier and use the other carrier in personal life. In the official announcement, Samsung said that the amazing new “Dual SIM Always On” feature would enable you to receive calls from one SIM while taking another call from the other SIM. According to Samsung, this feature gives you the opportunity to choose billing plans for each SIM.

Technical specifications of Galaxy S Duos include a 4-inch 480x 800 TFT touchscreen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 1 GHz processor, 4 GB of internal storage capacity and 5 mega pixel rear end camera. While the technical specs are not among the very best in the market, the feature of Dual-SIM almost makes for everything else. There are also some crucial difference from Galaxy S3 in terms of technical specs, since S3 has better display and camera, other than having larger internal storage. Compared to 4 GB of Galaxy S Duos, S3 comes in 16 and 32 GB models. Besides, there is a massive 8 mega pixel rear end camera on Galaxy S3.

Just like we have been providing reliable unlocking services for all other smart phones in the market, we would also provide unlocking services for both SIMs of Galaxy S Duos. Unlocking is performed through the simple and efficient method of IMEI unlock. As per the official announcement, the device would be available in the European market starting from next month. However, so far there is no official word about the launch of the phone in the rest of the world.

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