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Samsung Galaxy S2 available without annual contract

Samsung Galaxy S2 available without annual contract

Great news about the users of T-Mobile is that Samsung Galaxy S2 from T-Mobile is now available from Wall-Mart and does not require any kind of annual contract. This can be considered the best deal from T-Mobile so far, according to which you can purchase the device for $299 and then use it with the monthly 4G plan of the carrier at $30 per month. As per the details of this plan, it comes with unlimited Internet access with the first 5 GB supporting 4G and unlimited texts. Besides, there would be 100 free minutes of talk time, beyond which 10 cents per minute would be charged.

Great thing about this deal is that since there is no annual subscription and customers are free from the confines of a contract, they can cancel the deal anytime. Besides, the price is quite reasonable and the data plan is also excellent, which makes it quite a compelling piece of gadget. Other than that, Wal-Mart has also initiated a Family Mobile Service through which Galaxy S2 would be sold. Just like the other plan, this one is also contract-free.

As per the plan that would be offered via Wal-Mart’s Family Mobile service, users would have to pay $45 per month for the first line and $35 a month for each additional line. Besides, unlimited Internet access via T-Mobile would be provided according to this plan. Users would also be able to enjoy the first $250 MB of data at 3G speeds.

If you are considering buying Galaxy S2 via the Family Mobile Service, you can order the device from the official website of Wal-Mart. Besides, you can also order it at any of the retail outlets of the company.

While Galaxy S2 seems to be outdated after the launch of Galaxy S3 and the second generation Galaxy Note, it can still be considered one of the best devices in the market. Samsung did great with S2 during the last year and before its successor was launched, it was considered to be the most popular Android smart phone. The recent data plans from T-Mobile, in conjunction with Wall-Mart, are certainly among the very best that you would find. So if you happen to be a fan of Galaxy phones, here’s you golden chance.

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