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Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT I9100)

Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT I9100)

Experienced users of technology know that holding on too much to any fancy device can break someone’s heart at some point. New, smarter and user-friendly gadgets enter the market annually, full of life and promise. The truth of the matter is that even before we are able to embrace smart phones with all their connectivity advantages, other fancier hand held devices pop up promising to make our lives far more exciting.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT i9100) is just one of the latest smart phones to hit the market. Compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT i9100) has higher capabilities for memory and processor.
In the ‘looks department’, the S2 is a beauty to behold. Other smartphones are shorter compared to the S2, though it is lighter and thinner.
The S2’s touch screen interface sticks it out perfectly. Supported by the super AMOLED Plus touch screen technology, its display exhibits high-resolution capabilities. The S2 proves to be perfect for watching movies or playing games, considering its display supports projection of sharper and more vibrant images.
The S2’s upgrade on the TouchWiz gives it an edge in the support of user-friendliness. The feature supports rotating home screens that facilitate easier navigability from one screen to another.
The S2 comes with inbuilt support for photo editing and the Kies 2.0 application. The program facilitates quick manipulation of data accessed through web browsers on a broader display. All the exciting features in the S2 make its not-so sexy look pale deeply into insignificance.
Importantly, the S2 has 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM that gives it high capacity for data processing and multi-tasking. Its secondary storage allows for up to 16GB.
A two-week exploration of the S2’s features reveals that the gadget is indeed for real. The device has an appreciably long battery life, considering it supported Wi-Fi functionality, web surfing, listening to music, and playing short video clips for three days.
According to its manufacturer’s specification, the S2 is supposed to support 9 hours of talk time or 24 hours if on standby mode. Therefore, the phone ranks higher than the iPhone with regard to battery life.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT i9100) has proved to be a force to reckon with in the smartphone market. Whether or not the gadget sustains its reputation in the face of stiff competition remains to be seen.


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