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Samsung Galaxy S2 hits USA

Samsung Galaxy S2 hits USA

After the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S last year, it proved to be a huge success in the UK. The version that was released for US was, however, slightly different than the original Galaxy S. Now the latest news is that Samsung is planning to release several versions of Samsung Galaxy S2 for the US market. It is expected that the versions for all four major carriers would slightly differ from each other. let’s see the key differences of these devices from each other.

Verizon Wireless: LTE Slider: This is just the codename of the device since the actual name has not yet been revealed. The previous version of Galaxy S for Verizon contained Bing as default search instead of Google but still the phone was a big success both for Samsung as well as Verizon. Now the version of Galaxy S2 for Verizon could come with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and an LTE capabilities. Release date and exact price of the device is yet to be announced.

AT&T: The Samsung Attain: The version of Galaxy S released by AT&T last year was closest to the original version with solid build. This year, AT&T seems to be releasing a bit different version of Galaxy S2. Again, Galaxy S2 could support 4G networks. Samsung Attain will be sold with a dock.

Sprint: The Samsung Epic Touch 4G: The version of Galaxy S that was released by Sprint last year was loved by most of the users since it was the only device with a support for 4G and it also contained a unique and best keyboard. Sprint could go for a conventional Keyword and no 4g capabilities this year. Epic Touch 4G would also contain a WiMax radio but this feature is now available on several other smartphones such as Evo 3D, Photon and Nexus S.

T-Mobile: The Samsung “Hercules”: Samsung Hercules is the code name of the device and final name has not yet been revealed. This device seems to be the most powerful device released by T-Mobile so far and would be a close competitor of HTC Sensation. This device is perhaps the most photogenic among all the versions of Galaxy S2 for US market.

Some of the important features which would be, more or less, part of all of these devices would be NFC chips that have also been used in Nexus S previously, facial recognition software for the front facing camera, unlock screen feature, and Qi-style inductive chargers just like Droid Bionic. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see which of these four devices dominate the US market.

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