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Samsung Galaxy S2 to Shine as Sprint’s Newest Star

Samsung Galaxy S2 to Shine as Sprint’s Newest Star

According to Sprint’ press release the Samsung Galaxy S II will soon be joining the Sprint Network. The Galaxy Within, as the smartphone is commonly referred, will become the latest star to glitter on the Sprint network.
Specific details of the smartphone’s release date and price are yet to be divulged. However, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S2 will be launched in September at a price of about US$ 350.
It appears that Sprint’s resolve to arm its arsenal with a collection of Android capable is unstoppable at this stage. Samsung Epic Touch 4G is already doing rounds in Sprint network. Apparently, the collection does not stop there as Samsung Within is about to make its way into the Sprint network.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 has an inbuilt 1.20 GHz Duo Core Exynos XMM6260 processor giving it a superior edge in processing speed as compared to the original Galaxy S. The smartphone’s screen is 4.3 inch in size and is supported by Super AMOLED Plus Display. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System, endearing itself more to its fans.
The Samsung Galaxy S2’s primary memory (RAM) capacity is 1 GB and works hand in hand with secondary internal memory of a remarkable 32GB specification. The phone has an 8-Megapixel camera with a Flash LED. The Samsung Galaxy S2 will not have a physical keyboard. Its magnificent user-interface will be navigated by means of touchscreen.
Fans have waited for a long time for the Galaxy S2 Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has almost made it ways into Sprint’s profile of Android compatible smartphones. This is an experience most smartphone users will cherish for a long time.


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