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Samsung Galaxy S3 image and specs

Samsung Galaxy S3 image and specs

Samsung has been consistently attracting the attention and praise of common users and critics alike with its Galaxy S series. Previous two models of this series happen to be among the most famous smartphones in the industry and Samsung has been planning to release the third model with the name of Galaxy S III in near future. Recently, a few snapshots about the roadmap leading to the development of this remarkable device were revealed which show the physical structure and some of the technical specs of the device.
From the apparent physical structure of the phone, it seems that Samsung has been gradually moving away from the actual physical design of the galaxy series and the structure of the new device is more in line with the Wave series devices. Unlike some previous speculations, the device bears very little resemblance with the anticipated Nexus Prime. The technical specifications of the device are not known in complete details, but some of the specs were revealed which were actually quite amazing. For example, to begin with, Galaxy S III would be running on a Exynos 4212 dual core 1.8 GHz processor along with 2 GB of RAM memory. Needless to say, this is more than any smartphone so far present in the market. Additionally, another improvement is with respect to the onboard camera. Galaxy S III would contain a massive 12 mega pixels of camera with the facilities of HD video recording at 1080p, auto focus and LED flash. Samsung’s special technology named W750 BSI CMOS sensor would be used in this camera for the purpose of image control. So far, the highest mega pixels available in any smartphone camera happen to be 8 so this would certainly be a huge improvement. Other than that, we have 4.6 inch Super AMOLED HD display. Finally, the operating system running on the device would be Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So even though we don’t have information about the complete technical specifications of this amazing device, we can be sure that the device would be equipped with awesome hardware specs and software features which would certainly rule the industry.
There are some disagreements on the exact specifications but what everyone is sure about is that Samsung would equip this device with all the high end features. For the time being, we don’t have any information about the release date and price of Galaxy S3 but most probably, the deivce would be released in the initial few months of 2012.

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