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Samsung Galaxy S3 in Barcelona?

Samsung Galaxy S3 in Barcelona?

Samsung still seems to be perplexed whether to launch the upcoming model of its Galaxy phone during the MWC or not. Previously, everyone seemed to be almost sure that Samsung would not announce the device during the event and would instead choose to delay the release for a couple of more months. It was considered a settled matter but now it appears that the chances of Galaxy S3 being released during this event are not really nil. Samsung has officially said that the company is “reviewing several options when to launch” this phone and there are chances that it might be released during MWC. The reason why the release is not expected during the MWC is that there would be considerable amount of time between this release and the release of the device in the US market. This has happened previously during the release of Galaxy S2 where there was a time span of about 7 months between the release of the phone for Korean market and its release in the US. This huge time span is certainly something that is neither pleasant for Samsung not the users. Hence, Samsung is trying to avoid this time span this time which explains this probable delay in the release of the device.

Some people have also put forward another reason for this delay according to which the delay is due to the testing of two different versions of the phone. One of these versions would come with a dual-core processor while other would showcase a quad-core process in the hardware. Samsung is already testing a quad-core device with the name of Exynos 5250 so the possibility of releasing Galaxy S3 with quad-core processor cannot be overruled. It seems that Samsung should release the device during MWC since delaying the device too much can cause troubles. For example, the expectations and rumors about the technical specifications of the device would continue to increase with time and when the device is actually released, it might not be able to fulfill those expectations. In that case, it could be a disappointment. At present, the level of expectations is quite moderate and it seems to be a suitable time to release the phone. There is less than one month before MWC begins and Samsung does not have much time to arrive at a final decision about the release of Galaxy S3.  We will be there feeding you with live updates.

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