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Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the elite devices in the market

Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the elite devices in the market

Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to be the latest favorite of mobile carriers and everyone seems to be in competition with others when it comes to attractive offers and competitive price. At T-Mobile, Galaxy S3 is available for $279, although you need to pay just $229 if you sign up for Equipment Installment Plan of T-Mobile.
There is a slight difference in the physical structure of the international version of Galaxy S3 and the one available from T-Mobile. On the back side of the device, we find an LED flash and a small silver speaker just above the gray T-Mobile logo. In between, there is an 8 mega pixel rare end camera of the phone. There is also a physical power button on the right side of the device, while the volume rocker is situated on the left side.
The phone comes with 1280 x 720 HD Super AMOLED screen which is perfect for text as well as video content. Besides, the Lilliputian rear speaker of the device also delivers fine audio performance and seems to be great for music lovers. The onscreen keyboard on this handset, which happens to be a mashup of Android and Swype, contains blocky gray keys with white text. The amount of space between the keys is very reasonable and makes typing quite easy.
Having Android Ice Cream Sandwich as operating system, the user interface of this phone is quite amazing with the updated version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. The quick setting bar in the notifications area allows switching between power saving mode and WiFi or airplane mode. Another impressive feature is Pop Up Play which allows you to watch a video even while using another app. Besides, Direct Call is also an interesting feature which lets you call a contact by bringing the phone near your ear while you’re on a contact’s page or using some massaging app.
The famed S Beam feature of the device uses NFC technology, in conjunction with Wi-Fi Direct, to share content between the two devices. After turning the Wi-Fi Direct feature on, you only need to tap the back of your device and wait for vibration. Upon vibration, you just need to touch the screen to share the file while the other person would also need to just tap the screen to accept the shared file. Besides, photos can also be shared with your contacts and on social networking website using the Buddy Photo Share feature. The S Voice feature, similar to Siri of iPhone 4S, seems to work fine.
Overall, Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile is one powerful mobile that many would consider the best smart phone in the market at present. With impressive hardware and wide range of apps, this handset is certainly among the elite devices in the market at present.

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