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Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most highly demanded handset in the history of smart phones

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most highly demanded handset in the history of smart phones

Although Samsung has officially launched Galaxy S3 on the promised date of June 21 in the US, many users have been facing long delays to the huge number of pre-orders. 9 million pre-orders for Galaxy S3 made it the most highly pre-ordered device in history and due to such a huge number of pre-orders, retailers are facing problems. Under contract with AT&T, many customers have received their receipts but the company has announced that delays could be expected due to supply problems. Although AT&T has not officially announced when the device would hit the stores, but rumors have fixed 28th June as the promised date.
The situation on Sprint’s end is that 16 GB models of the phone have been delivered on time but there have been delays for the 32 GB models. The exact date of the availability of phone on stores is also unknown as yet. Besides, there are also some users who claim that they have not even received their 16 GB devices. As for Verizon, the carrier announced 10th of July to be the official launch date of the device. However, considering very high demand, the release date has been pushed to July 11.
T-Mobile is also facing the similar problems of immensely high demand and low supply. The carrier has not yet specified the date when the device would be available on its stores. Although the phone can be ordered via their official website, the release date has been pushed to June 29.
Galaxy S3 has several unique and cutting edge features to showcase, including S Voice, Ice Cream Sandwich and various other software and hardware enhancements. This device would come with a 4.8 inch display which is 22 percent larger than the previous Galaxy version. S Voice in the phone is pretty much similar to the voice assistant of Apple, named Siri. Besides, there is also the face recognition feature on Galaxy S3 whereby the front facing camera of the phone constantly watches the users and remains active as long as the user is looking at the device. All the latest features of Galaxy S3, coupled with a solid marketing campaign form Samsung, has made Galaxy S3 one of the most highly demanded handset in the history of smart phones. However, fans would have to be a bit patient to get their hands on this highly coveted device.

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