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Samsung Galaxy S3 the best Samsung device in the market

Samsung Galaxy S3 the best Samsung device in the market

Samsung’s famed Galaxy S3 is the talk of the town and ever since the company has officially launched the device, it is going through testing phase. Most, if not all, reviews have so far declared this device to be the best Samsung device in the market so far as well as one of the very best devices at present. Samsung has added some pretty impressive features in this phone, particularly on the software front. The software features added to the camera of the new device are particularly enchanting. There is an 8 mega pixel rare end camera on Samsung Galaxy S3 with a variety of features that cannot be found in any other smart phone in the market at present, in the addition to the common camera features that most high end devices contain, such as LED flash, 1080p HD video recording and others.

Although the camera also works perfect indoors, outdoor photos are something that is particularly amazing with this camera. Camera that come with Galaxy family have always performed very well and this smart phone has retained that tradition. Photos taken in the automatic mode have sharp contrast and the saturation level is also very accurate. At time, the green color tends to be over saturated but that did not leave any kind of unpleasant effect on the picture. This over saturation of green color is something that can be found in all Galaxy range cameras. Various new features in the camera include burst mode (she gamely jogged in heels for that feature), HDR mode, friend tagging, and Buddy Share. Buddy Mode can be used to text or email the photo taken to the person who is tagged in that photo. Integration with various social networking platforms is also very smooth and stable. Besides, the integration of the camera with the address book is also very efficient and allows seamless and straightforward sharing of the photos. Overall, this can be considered the best camera that you would find in any smart phone.
Although so far detailed review of the device is hard to write, but initial tests do tell that we have a real competitor of iPhone in the market. iPhone 5 is scheduled to be released this summer and we do expect that Samsung Galaxy S3 would give a real tough competition to iPhone.

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