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Samsung Galaxy S3 was chosen the best smartphone of 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 was chosen the best smartphone of 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to be the most popular smart phone in history and even though several other major devices have been launched after it, it still continues to sell like hot cakes. Recently it was announced in a tweet by Samsung’s Poland office that 30 million units of the device have been sold since its launch back in May. These 30 million units have been sold at quite a stable pace since the number of units sold in September was 10 million while this number reached up to 20 million in October.

The said tweet reads that “We have already sold 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones worldwide! Have you had a chance to test its features?” and there is also an attached picture with this tweet which shows the Samsung employees jumping with number cards in their hands. While Galaxy S3 is having strong competition from Apple’s recently launched iPhone 5, it still continues to dominate the market. In the holiday season, which is just around the corner, Samsung would have another competitor in the form of Google Nexus 4.

Other than being sold at immensely high rate, the device has also bagged a couple of prestigious awards for Samsung. In a ceremony held by leading gadget magazine of UK, Stuff, the device was chosen as the best smart phone of 2012. According to the editor of the magazine, Will Findlater, 2012 has been the most remarkable year for technology, particularly in the domain of tablets and smart phones. He further said that even though Apple devices have been remarkable as always, the competitors of Apple have taken even greater leaps and Galaxy S3 with its remarkable features and best selling status is a testimony to the fact that the greatest leap has been taken by Samsung.

Important technical specs of Samsung Galaxy S3 include a 4.8-inch HD screen, display resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, 8 megapixel backend camera and a quad core processor. The phone also comes loaded with some pretty impressive software applications, most notable being the voice recognition software. The phone is available in three versions of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and the option of expanding the internal memory up to 64 GB via the microSD card is also available.

Samsung intends on further building on the success of Galaxy S3 with the launch of Galaxy S3 Mini, although the mini version also toned down the technical specs and does not match the greatness of the bigger version.

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