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Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the official phone for the London Olympics

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the official phone for the London Olympics

The rumors and speculations about Samsung Galaxy S3 seem to be unending and according to the latest information, this grand phone would be launched in London and would be the official phone for the London Olympics this year. However, so far Samsung has not given out any official confirmation in this regard but we are certainly expecting some huge releases from Samsung during the Olympics event. If this actually happens, Samsung would certainly be able to release its device during an event that can be considered even bigger than Apple events. Samsung has already formed a partnership with Visa and has announced to release an Olympics-themed phone. So the rumors about Galaxy S3 being launched for Olympics are quite strong.
We would see a Samsung event on May 3 during which the launch of the famed phone is expected. Other than this major device, we can expect the announcement and release of several other high end and mid range devices during the same event. So far, the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 remain to be largely unknown, and the rumors are also unconfirmed. According to the expectations, the device would be equipped with the 4.6-inch 1080p HD display along with an improved camera which can go to as much as 16 mega pixels. Besides, the facility of wireless charging has also been mentioned among the possibilities. The invitations of this event that have been sent out read “Come and meet the next Galaxy”, but this could mean any Galaxy product. There are various other products in the Galaxy line that can be unveiled during the event. For example, we have the next version of famed Galaxy Note as well as the upcoming model of Samsung tablet. So there are a lot of possibilities and nothing can be said for sure at this moment. Although a number of leaks depicting Galaxy S3 have emerged over the Internet, the information regarding the device still remains to be largely unknown. Previous version of the Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy S2, has proven to be the most popular and successful Android based phone in the market and the closest rival of iPhone. It was released in April last year and was recently given the Ice Cream Sandwich update, although the update process is still underway. As for the new versions, they would certainly come with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

After the release date, you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 and use it in any mobile network. This cost only $19.75 and doesn’t take too much time.

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