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Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4?

new-samsung-galaxy-s4An image is circulating over the internet which supposedly belongs to the upcoming version of Samsung flagship, Samsung Galaxy S4. If the image actually turns out to be that of Galaxy S 4, there won’t be much of a difference between the physical size and dimensions of S III and S3, other than the fact that Galaxy S 4 would have a larger edge-to-edge display.

Samsung Galaxy S III is still selling like hot cakes in the market, even though several months have passed since the official launch of the device. It has become the most successful Samsung smartphone to the date and has set new standards in the mobile phone industry. But still, Samsung is already pretty active in the development of the next version of its Galaxy phone which might even hit the market by March or April. But most of this is based on random rumors and pure speculation, since Samsung has not given out any official information in this regard.

The rumored technical specs of Galaxy S4, which accompany its supposedly leaked image, are 2GB of RAM memory, 2GHz quad-core Exynos processor and a Mali-T658 GPU. Rumor also has it that the display of Galaxy S 4 would be 5-inch full HD screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Like previous devices from the Galaxy line of phones, the display on this device would also utilize the SuperAMOLED technology. What’s more, we are also expecting a 13 megapixel camera on this phone, another significant improvement over the previous version.

If the image is not a forgery, it would seem that Samsung has not brought about any significant physical change in the device, other than a slight change in the display size. This is quite unlike Samsung, since from the first generation to the third generation of Galaxy phones every phone bears a significant physical change over the previous one. But of course, this doesn’t make much of a difference and it’s the actual hardware of the phone, along with software features, that actually matter. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for any official announcement, or even a hint, regarding Samsung Galaxy S 4, which is no doubt one of the most highly anticipated gadgets of the year.

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