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Samsung Galaxy S4 availability details for US

Samsung Galaxy S4 availability details for US

Galaxy S4

It seems that Samsung is close to striking gold with the Galaxy S4 as the device was very well received in retail market and large demand is expected for Samsung’s newest flagship.  We have discussed before about Samsung Galaxy S4 price and availability so we already know it will be launched in 50 countries worldwide by the end of April.  So let’s see the latest news for US market enthusiasts.

DigiTimes reported that in the first month, a shipment of around 10 million units is expected and about 30 million units are predicted for second quarter of 2013. Shipment numbers are not so significant for other brands but regarding the high demand of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, it seems that the company will be finishing the first shipment in record time. Unlike HTC, Samsung experience no supply issues with the S4. While HTC is facing problems with the supply components of its HTC One, Samsung manufactures most of the parts utilized in its smartphones. Moreover if the manufacturing load increases in Korea then Samsung has the possibility to shift the manufacturing process to its other facilities in China and Vietnam.

Samsung has listed 14 stateside-based partners, seven carriers and seven retailers, and in next couple of weeks, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be headed to all of them. The list of the seven carriers which would be getting Samsung’s latest smartphones include AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, US Carrier, Sprint, C spire and Cricket. These carriers will sell Samsung Galaxy S4 by the end of April. T-Mobile will have Galaxy S4 in stock on 24th of April while AT&T has announced that the smartphone will be available on April 30th and pre-order opportunity is already available. Sprint will present Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 27 and pre-orders are also available by Sprints, furthermore T-Mobile will on pre-orders soon.

The seven retailers involved in launching Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship are Best Buy (incl. Best Buy Mobile), Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Costco, Radio Shack, Staples and Target. These retailers have planned to launch Galaxy S4 by the end of April. The sale price of Galaxy S4 changes from carrier to carrier, for example AT&T offers the Galaxy S4 at cost of $200/16GB and $250/32GB with two years contract. If the contract is signed with T-Mobile then the upfront payment is $150 and $20 per month. For a Sprint contract S4’s price is $250 and the SIM-free price is $650.

Among major US carriers, Verizon is one to present Samsung’s latest Android flagship. Verizon has announced that it will offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 in May and the exact date is yet to be disclosed. A short tweet posted by the carrier unveiled the details about pricing and informed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 in white color will have designed the carrier’s logo on it. The I9505 Snapdragon 600 powered version of the initial Galaxy S4 will get high traffic in US as well as in Europe and the information about the availability of I9500 Octa-core in US is still unrevealed.

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