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Samsung Galaxy S4 could be announced during CES 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 could be announced during CES 2013

samsung-galaxy-s-4-ces-2013Samsung released Galaxy S3 back in May and it proved to be the most successful smartphone Samsung has ever released. Even though several months have passed since the release of the phone, it is still selling like hot cakes. While the success of Galaxy S3 continues, Samsung seems to be already gearing up for the launch of the next version of its Galaxy phone. Samsung just hinted that it would announce “something new” during CES 2013 which would take place during January, and expectations are that this announcement would be Galaxy S4.

According to the official blog of Samsung, the company intends to announce something new during January 8 and January 11, which happen to be the official dates of CES 2013. Previously, an article in The Korea Times suggested that announcement for Samsung Galaxy S4 would be done during Mobile World Congress in February. However, after the most recent mysterious announcement on Samsung’s blog, this announcement might very well happen during CES. Samsung did not attend the Mobile World Congress in 2012, instead organizing its own event in Barcelona, Spain.

While the announcement of Galaxy S4 during CES 2013 would make perfect sense, we can also expect a standalone event for that. Besides, many other companies would make big announcements during CES which doesn’t seem to be the best place for the announcement of something like Galaxy S4.

It is also possible that the hint that was dropped on the Samsung blog might refer to something totally different. For instance, since CES is famous for showcasing products like TVs, this teaser might refer to a new TV from Samsung. Samsung previously also denounced any rumors about the announcement of Galaxy S4, since clearly such rumors would distract the customers from Galaxy S3, when a lot of them have already been distracted with the launch of iPhone 5.

Latest rumors regarding Galaxy S 4 suggest that it would come with an ‘unbreakable screen’, but so far no details are available about the device. However, most probably details about the launch and possible technical specs of Galaxy S4 would emerge during the first couple of months of 2013, in case the actual announcement does not take place during that time.

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