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Samsung Galaxy S4 price and availability worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S4 price and availability worldwide

Price and availability for US, UK, Europe, India, other markets

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As you know Samsung Galaxy S4 has been recently launched and become the hot cake piece in the market. Its amazing features and powerful specifications have attracted every eye towards the brand new smartphone. At the official SGS4 launching in New York, Samsung mobile chief JK Shine has first announced the good news of SGS4 availability in the market is expected in end of April but the price was kept hidden. Some rumors are in the air that informs the first availability is very much expected on 26th April in UK.

Not to test the patience of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 onlookers for long, the prices have been revealed along with the market availability dates. Interestingly the price of the SGS4 is equal to the price of iPhone 5 in UK. In UK the 16GB-free Sim model of SGS4 is offered with £529 (about $800). On the other hand for US market Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at cost $579 for the marvelous 16GB model. Furthermore across the Europe and on Amazon DE the pre-order prices of Samsung Galaxy S4 are about €650 and €660.
It’s pretty normal price range as historically smartphones comes with the same price range. Even the new launch of Sony, the Sony Xperia Z has also a retail price around €600, same case with HTC One which is about to launch at €660 in Europe.

The market value for Samsung is also appealing in India. It is expected through some anonymous sources that the new Android flagship device would be soon expected in India about early May. The US version of the powerful device is equipped with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon (600 processor) but on the other hand in India it is launched with Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor. Something unfortunate about launch in India is that only the 16GB model would be available but 32GB and 64GB models are not expected to be available there. Without the contract the expected price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India is about Rs. 40,000-45,000 ($740-$833 USD). Subsidized pricing is expected due to the involvement of two potential contractors that are Airtel and Vodafone. Here again SGS4 is in race with Xperia Z and HTC One, now wait to see which is the most attractive for the public.

The high demand for smartphones compels the manufacturers to make the availability easy therefore now Samsung Galaxy S4 is freely available from O2 and Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile even on £31 per month payment plan.

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