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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Sony Xperia Z. Which one is your next phone?

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Sony Xperia Z. Which one is your next phone?

Galaxy S4 vs. Xperiz Z

There are many lovers of Sony brand out there but on the other hand Samsung has also a whole crowd of fans. Both are popular and well appreciated brands among general masses but when it’s race for the comparison their smartphones Xperia Z and Galaxy S4 both are critically analyzed. The question arises which one is better than the other?

The very basic thing that captures the attention of an onlooker is the design of an smartphone. The visual quality of Xperia Z is remarkable as its rectangular shape completely conveys a stylish as well as decent appearance. When you grab Xperia Z into your hands it really appears to others that this is something impressive. Other than this the stylish looking smartphone is a little bit bulky and difficult to carry. Moreover its sharp edged back and front body feels not so comfortable when you hold the phone in the palm of your hand. Apart from that when it comes to design, its glassy body takes it step ahead to plastic made Samsung Galaxy S4.

Merely plastic body can’t prove Galaxy S4 as something less than Xperia Z. It provides comfortable feelings when you hold it in your hand, having similar large display but still lighter and smaller as compared to Xperia Z. Of course every customer is free to go for his or her choice but it is suggested to make a wise decision before making any purchase. Besides than its plastic body, you can’t neglect the smart looking Samsung Galaxy S4 for the cool but at the same time bulky Xperia Z.
Another important thing to look for at these smartphones is their display. Everybody prefers to have 5” display along with full HD resolution. Luckily both the smartphones are equipped with this feature but the difference comes when the focus is on the screen. The Super AMOLED panel of Samsung Galaxy S4 allows it to present better colors with high quality view. On the other hand Xperia Z possess LCD screen which doesn’t really provide such a lively screen to enjoy with. Both Galaxy S4 with PenTile Matrix and Xperia Z have approximately same display quality.

Let’s take a look now on the technical features differentiating these devices.

When it comes to user interface and functionality features Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an advantage called Android 4.2.2 vs. the past Android 4.1 of the Sony Xperia Z. Even though the update for Xperia Z will come at some point, Samsung did really well with the software updates for company’s older phones so this is certainly a guarantee for the good support you’ll have for the S4. S4 is also over Xperia Z when it comes to responsive and customizable UI features.

Processor – Memory – Camera

The Snapdragon 600 processor of the S4 is a new generation one in comparison with the little bit older but still powerful, capable chipset Snapdragon S4 Pro of the Xperia Z.
Both devices are featured with 2GB of RAM and microSD cards but different internal storage. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in different versions with 16, 32 and 64GB while Xperia Z is only available with 16GB of built-in memory.

As for the camera both device have the capacity to record impressive photos and videos but once again Galaxy S4 seems to be more versatile with its 13MP camera that the tests proved to be slightly better than the 13MP Xperia Z’s camera. Galaxy S4 delivers more natural colors, with better clarity and smaller amount of noise.
We tend to give the prize to SGS4 also due to other qualities such as being smaller and lighter, having bigger battery, better screen, IR Blaster, new touch screen technology, air gestures, and many more. Though Xperia Z attracts by its looks it seems SGS4 is the winner of the race.

If your next flagship smartphone is the impressive Samsung Galaxy S4, just don’t forget that you can use our service in order to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 and use this new device with any GSM network provider over the world.


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