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Samsung has fulfilled its promise by launching Galaxy S3 in the US market

Samsung has fulfilled its promise by launching Galaxy S3 in the US market

Samsung has fulfilled its promise by launching Galaxy S3 in the US market on the exact date that was previously announced. For the time being, this device would be available via T-mobile, although eventually it would be available via all four major carriers. With the release of this device, Samsung has also launched the biggest campaign for a mobile device in the history of US. The main aim of Galaxy S3 is to compete with Apple’s iPhone, which happens to be the best selling smart phone under AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. As for T-Mobile, it does not offer iPhone, which gives an edge to Samsung.

Tech analysts are already predicting that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be a huge hit in the US market. For example, Mark Sue, an analyst from RBC Capital Markets in New York, said that “Vendors have been focusing their portfolio toward flagship phones and for Samsung, the Galaxy S3 will be that high-profile device.”

Samsung Galaxy S3 is available from T-Mobile at a price of $279.99 under a two year contract. As for the other three carriers, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, it would be available at a price of $199.99 along with a two-year contract.

Apple and Samsung are involved in a patent battle that can be considered one of the fiercest in the history of technology. Both companies have accused each other of patent infringement and have filed lawsuits against each other in several countries. Apple has also said that it is considering a restraining order request to stop any further sales of Galaxy S3 in the US market. Apple has already lost an appeal requesting the ban of Galaxy S3 from the country.

Android OS is used on Samsung Galaxy S3, which is the operating system from Google and the widest used OS on smart phones. And while Apple is the most popular smart phone seller in the US, Samsung surpassed it in terms of smart phones sales during the first quarter of 2012. Apple would most probably release the next version of iPhone in October this year, and Galaxy S3 would be the closest rival of that device.

The previous phone in the Galaxy line, Galaxy S2, was also a very highly demanded device and set the stage for the huge demand for Galaxy S3. Analysts have predicted that considering the increasing sales of Galaxy S3, it would be even popular than S2.

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