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Samsung introduces Youm, flexible phone of the future

Samsung introduces Youm, flexible phone of the future


Samsung showcase Flexible AMOLED display

Samsung introduced various remarkable products during the recent CES event. Other than its remarkable new TV announcements, the company also showcased its flexible OLED smartphone displays. This new display would have a lot of scope in the market of smartphones and tablets. The device was introduced by Stephen Woo, the president of Samsung, along with Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of Samsung display.
This bendable display is called Youm, and plastic has been used in its manufacture instead of glass. The display which was showcased by Berkeley had a wrap-around screen and would be bended to a certain degree, although it could not be fully folded. Following the lead of Samsung, Microsoft has also plunged into the domain of flexible displays and during the very same event Microsoft CTO Eric Rudder showcased a prototype of Windows phone equipped with flexible display. The display could bend into a wavy strip and according to the company, opens up the doors of customized screen shapes in future.
Samsung is clearly all set to launch some smartphones having flexible display by the end of this year. Previously, LG also worked on its own flexible displays to be installed on eReaders. However, the initiative could not be very successful one of the reasons of which is also the decreasing popularity of eReaders. Flexible displays on smartphones and tablets, however, certainly have a scope for success.
There are still certain improvements that need to be brought about in the display. Due to this reason, we shouldn’t expect these displays in the readymade form any time soon. But since the company has displayed the product and intends on working on such displays, mobile devices with these displays don’t seem to be very far off either.
During CES, Samsung also announced that it has been working on the manufacture of a 10.1 inch LCD display which would consume 25 percent less energy compared to the current displays. Even after consuming significantly less energy, this display would facilitate the same resolution. Samsung has so far not released much information on these displays but stay tuned for more updates. In other news, Samsung is also gearing up for the probable April release of the next version of its most famous smartphone line, Samsung Galaxy S4.


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