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Samsung is replacing the water damaged Galaxy S4 Active sets with new devices

Samsung is replacing the water damaged Galaxy S4 Active sets with new devices


The original AT&T ad about Samsung Galaxy S4 Active showed that the device would remain safe even if submerged in water. However, in reality, it seems that the phone does not take water very well and a lot of water damaged cases have been observed. But it seems that Samsung and AT&T are ready to compensate for this problem and in a recent offer have decided to replace the water damaged sets with new devices.

In a latest move, it was announced that people who own IP67 certified Samsung Galaxy S4 Active devices and are having problems with their devices due to water damage can benefit from this one-time exchange offer. With this exchange offer, you can simply give away your water damaged device and have a new one in its place. The offer stands even if the Liquid Damage Indicator of the phone shows positive reading.

Contrary to the wide perception and even what was shown in the ad, the official warranty of the device does not cover the liquid damage, even though it was originally sold as the version of Galaxy S4 which can virtually handle anything, including of course water. In the official ad from AT&T, the phone was shown in situations which would be more to handle for the regular version of Galaxy S4. These situations include getting wet. Besides, the IP67 certification also means that the device is able to handle water related problems. As per this certification, the phone can be submerged in water and kept at a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes without getting damaged. In real life situations, however, this did not turn out to be very accurate which explains why the company is now dishing out this generous offer.

The exchange offer is here to stay for a while so there is no rush. It will continue through October or till the time all the damaged sets have been replaced so you have a lot of time. However, the offer only stands for those users who bought their devices from AT&T, whether it was an online purchase or from the store. As per the statement of the offer, the device was designed to be water resistant according to the IP67 standards.

So if the device has damaged due to water exposure, you are entitled to exchange it for a new device from AT&T store. And if you need to move with your Active S4 from AT&T to other carrier don’t forget that you could use our unlocking service here at

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