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Samsung is set to release another device: Samsung Rugby Smart

Samsung is set to release another device: Samsung Rugby Smart

When it comes to developing high class and durable rugged phones, no one can beat Samsung. Having released some of the finest rugged phones, it appears that Samsung is all set to release another such device in a while. This phone is named Samsung Rugby Smart and would probably be headed to AT&T in a few days. The device looks quite solid with respect to the physical structure and other than that, we would have some pretty good technical specifications to use on this phone. Previously, the phone was set to be released on 18 th of February but the release was delayed due to unknown reasons. Now we can expect that Samsung would probably launch this device during the Mobile World Congress which is just a few days ahead.

Technical specifications of this device are quite in line with entry level Android devices from Samsung. The operating system that would run on Smart happens to be Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it would be powered by 1 GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor. We would also have a RAM memory of 512 MB, although information about the internal memory is not known as yet. Other technical information includes a battery of 1,650 mAh and AT&T HSPA+ support. Both front and rare end cameras would be available on board, although exact information about the specs of these cameras is not known. Physical structure of this phone particularly seems to be very durable and solid, although it is not exactly like the previous rugged phones released by Samsung.

If Samsung indeed chooses to launch this phone during the Mobile World Congress, we would come to know about the detailed technical specs of this device. At this moment, other than a few technical specs nothing is really know. Price and exact release date have also not been officially announced by Samsung. We are expecting that Samsung would be releasing a few good products during Mobile World Congress and while Galaxy S 3 would not be released, we can expect some other good products as compensation. There are rumors about the release of the next version of Samsung Galaxy Tab and other than that Samsung might also give out some smart phones, including this phone. But most of this information does not hold any official confirmation and for that, we would have to wait for a few days till Mobile World Congress triggers.

Unlock Samsung Rugby Smart

After the release date you can unlock Samsung Rugby Smart at prices starting from $ 19.75. You just have to follow some simple steps and your phone will be unlocked.

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