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Samsung Joy and Samsung Fresh – What can they be?

Samsung Joy and Samsung Fresh – What can they be?

Samsung is probably producing smart phones at a rate that exceeds the rate of any other tech giant. We have Samsung smart phones running Android, Windows Phone and Bada OS belonging to several categories, with varying technical specifications and different price range. The Galaxy range of phones developed by Samsung can be considered the most popular Android based phones so far. So far, almost all of the high end smart phones from Samsung have carried the Galaxy moniker but recently, Samsung has filed trademarks for two new devices which do not carry this moniker. The two trademarks filed by Samsung are named Samsung Joy and Samsung Fresh. It is not known whether these new devices are smart phones, tablets, portable media players or any other device. It is also possible that these might be two new software products. Anyways, details about the identity and hence technical specs of these products would most probably be revealed with the passage of time. Samsung might unveil the identity of these products during the Mobile World Congress which would be held end of February. We can expect two new Windows Phone based devices from Samsung but still, nothing can be said at the moment.

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