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Samsung might annouce during MWC the next and bigger model of Galaxy Tab

Samsung might annouce during MWC the next and bigger model of Galaxy Tab

 Samsung has announced that it would not take part in any of the press events of  Mobile World Congress this year. Samsung would, however, release some of its products during the event, although the release of Galaxy S 3 has already been ruled out. Previously, Galaxy S 3 was expected to be launched during this major event but Samsung decided to defer the release for a few months. With Galaxy S 3 out, there doesn’t seem to be much attraction that is left with Samsung products during MWC, unless and until Samsung surprises everyone with some amazing new product.

Probably the most important product that we can expect now to be announced during MWC happens to be the next and bigger model of Galaxy Tab. Galaxy Tab is among the most popular products from Samsung and any new version of this device would be highly welcomed. There are rumors that the new version of the device would come with an 11.6 inch screen. There are also some other rumors about the amazing technical specs of this new version of Galaxy Tab. It would contain Exynos 5250 chipset that would be manufactured by Samsung. It would be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and would have an impressive resolution of 2560 x 1600 which can very efficiently compete with iPad. So basically this would be one hell of a device and would certainly play its role in improving the market share of Samsung.

Other than the expected version of Galaxy Tab, Samsung might also unveil the new operating system with the name of Tizen. This is a Linux-based operating system and with this introduction, Samsung would possibility shift from Bada to Tizen. Last year during the Mobile World Congress, Samsung had introduced Galaxy S 2 and Bada OS, two of the most important products from Samsung. After the plans of releasing Galaxy S 3 have been dropped, it seems that this year Samsung might not be able to show its presence in the same way. However, it would be unwise to give any definitive judgment on issue just now, since Samsung might have a few tricks up its sleeve for this grand event. MWC would commence from 26th of February and would end on 1st of March. So it is just a couple of weeks before we would come to know for sure what Samsung is going to show us.

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