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Samsung needs a new trademark design for its Galaxy devices

Samsung needs a new trademark design for its Galaxy devices

The recent legal battle between Apple and Samsung has made one thing clear: Samsung needs some kind of a trade mark body for its Galaxy devices. The shapes of the Galaxy phones from first to third generation have been altered significantly and, as one tech source commented, smart phones are looking more like identical twins with nothing remarkable. So what Samsung needs is a new design philosophy that differentiates its handsets from Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung should follow the line of a new trademark design upon the release of the next version of Galaxy phone, or third generation Galaxy Note, or the next model of Galaxy Nexus. A judge has already ruled that there are similarities between the design of Samsung and Apple devices, and so if Samsung wants to continue selling its devices, it would have to come up with a new design strategy for its smart phones. Apparently Samsung did copy some of the features of iPhone, considering the immense popularity of the device, but now the situation has to change. Samsung’s devices are selling very well and Galaxy S3 has proven to be a blockbuster. Samsung now does not need any similar material and should focus on its own brand new design.

The new design can be adopted in several ways. For example, Samsung could choose to adopt unique casings or colors for its phones, or it could also change the look by decorating the faceplates of the phones. A trademark look of the device which instantly brings the word “Samsung” in the mind of the customer the moment they look at a Samsung phone would be very effective. The recent lawsuit revealed that Samsung probably copied about 13 of Apple patents, which has also endangered the sale of Samsung devices in several countries. This situation certainly demands that Samsung comes up with something totally original.

Among other supposedly copied patents, there is D305, which is related to the famous grid of squares against a black background found on the home screens of Apple devices. This is one of the trademarks of Apple, and if some other company wants to adopt it, certain changes in the grid or the shape of the icons should be brought. Coming with a personalized design philosophy with a unique style is something that would take Samsung devices to a whole new level.

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