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Samsung recently announced a new offer for the users of its old smart phones

Samsung recently announced a new offer for the users of its old smart phones

Samsung recently announced a new offer for the users of its old smart phones. As per this offer, which was announced on Samsung’s Facebook page, users would be able to have a new Samsung smart phone and get up to $300 for the old phone. The upgrade process is quite simple and is pretty much similar to other Internet trade-in programs. Users, after getting the quote, would purchase a new Samsung phone and mail the old phone within 30 days. The check would be mailed to them after refund.

Old devices that Samsung would receive would be recycled.  The salvageable parts of those devices, however, would be donated to organizations such as shelters, senior citizen homes and schools. As for those users who have already purchased a new Samsung phone, they would need a proof of their purchase to get an upgrade refund. Besides, the option of upgrading multiple devices, for users who have more than one old Samsung device, is also available.

In accessing the value of used electronics, Samsung would benefit from the 20 years experience of Clover Wireless. Although trade-in values keep changing according to the market trends, Samsung has announced that the quotes received via Samung upgrade would remain same for 30 days.

Users would need to provide information such as the brand, model and current service provider for the old device. Besides, users would also need to tell whether their old phone is functional, or if there is liquid damage or corrosion, or a broken, damaged, or leaking screen.

Upgrade to a fully functional Samsung Captivate would cost you $40, while Epic 4G Touch from Sprint would be available for $29.99. Other than that, Motorola Droid Bionic would let you have $85, at $9.99 from Verizon Wireless. Finally, trading the 16 GB model of your iPhone 4S can get you $215.

Samsung expects users to benefit from this scheme and upgrade to its latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. If you are planning to have the second generation version of Galaxy Note, you might want to wait for a while since Samsung would soon launch it as well.

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