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Samsung S8600 Wave 3

Samsung S8600 Wave 3

Most of the smartphones so far released by Samsung utilize Android OS, but Samsung has also been pushing boundaries of its own Bada OS in its smartphones. After Google purchased Motorola, Samsung would certainly want to establish Bada as a reliable OS for smartphones. The latest phone that we have seen from Samsung utilizing Bada OS is Samsung S8600 Wave 3. This phone presents a clear difference from its predecessors when it comes to physical structure and dimensions. Software features, however, do not vary to a large extent.

The main feature that distinguishes this phone from the previous ones is the screen size which is 4 inch for this device, larger than the previous ones. A 1.4 GHz powerful processor would be operating in this device. The phone also has an NFC support and usual sensors integrated in it. Version 2.0 of Bada OS would be used in this phone. Samsung has recently announced to take Bada OS seriously and enhance its power and applications to establish it as a reliable platform in smartphones market. For the time being, Bada OS does not hold much power against Android and iOS but who knows what the future holds for it. Back to Samsung S8600 Wave 3 for the time being. Although from the software side, this phone certainly won’t be as impressive as Android based phones from Samsung, the hardware structure and specifications of the phone are certainly quite impressive. There isn’t much of a difference between the weight of this phone and that of the original Galaxy S. This one weighs only 3 g more than the original Galaxy S. However, the slim metal shell and slick body of this device is certainly delightful.

Screen of the phone works pretty fine under the sunlight, although its performance is not as impressive as bright LCDs. The phone uses PenTile matrix to adjust the sharpness of the display. We also find capacitive call keys around the center button on this phone, something that was missing in the previous versions. Besides, we also have a 5 mega pixels rare end camera which delivers pretty decent image and video performance. Overall, this might not be the best phone from Samsung, still it is certainly the best in the Bada OS class. We don’t have any confirmed news about its exact release date and price, but we assure you that won’t have to wait for too long.


Unlock Wave 3

For the moment we don’t have the unlock code for Wave 3 available but after it is released we will be the first to offer you the possibility to unlock Wave3. To unlock Wave 3 once it is released, you have to read our Help Center guide.


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