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Samsung SGH-I677 to Run Windows Phone Mango

Samsung SGH-I677 to Run Windows Phone Mango

A few years ago, no one would have thought the popular Windows OS would ever make its way into mobile phones. Today, we can confirm that mobile phone companies are toying around with the idea of building a version of windows that can help run smartphones.
Well, South Korean manufacturer of cell phones Samsung, intends to launch a new set of phones that will operate on Microsoft’s Windows Operating System for phones, Mango. Reportedly, Samsung SGH-I677 is a potential candidate for implementation on the Windows Mango OS. According to rumor mills, Samsungs Focus handset, may actually pave way to the Samsung SGH-I677 that will run on Windows Mango OS. Once launched you may contact us to have your Samsung SGH-I677 unlocked.
Although a bit of what has been said about the handset is for the most part unfounded, it can be ascertained that the new phone-whatever model it is, will run on a Windows OS platform. Additionally, a user profile of the phone already exists in the Internet.
Certainly, the phone’s display will be designed under the WVGA technology. The device will feature Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 – a clear indication that the underlying OS will certainly be Microsoft’s Mango. The need for high processing speed and fast internet connectivity may get Samsung to use a very powerful CPU for this phone.
At the same time, an examination of previous SGH-I6x7 smartphones may hint on what the expected gadget will look like. Most of the SGH-i6x7 phones had a built in Microsoft OS and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is widely expected that the new Samsung SGH-I677 will have similar features. Probably, the phone will adopt a blackberry-like interface or even a keyboard that slides. No one knows for sure what is up Samsung’s sleeves, but we can all expect that the South Korean Phone maker will launch a number of handsets that will run on Windows Mango Operating System. Smartphones have played a big role in reducing our huge planet into a little global village. Have your Samsung SGH-i677 unlocked and join this incredible new world with zero roaming fees.

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