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Samsung wants to cure the problems of Galaxy S2 before the release of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung wants to cure the problems of Galaxy S2 before the release of Samsung Galaxy S3

Either Samsung is cooking something extraordinary or there is some kind of problem, since so far there are no signs of the release of Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, HTC One X was named the most powerful smartphone in the market but Samsung remained unexpectedly silent which inevitably meant that Galaxy S3 is not to be released just now. Most people were expecting that Samsung would release this version of Galaxy phone during April but that seems highly unlikely now and the release might be delayed till summer. According to the sources, Samsung has been delaying the release of Galaxy S 3 because it wants to release the ICS updates for all the Galaxy S2 devices before releasing the next version. This is because Galaxy S2 had certain problems which made many users unhappy and Samsung wants to cure those problems before moving on a next version.
Sources have revealed that Samsung wants to attain the status of ‘Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich’ before releasing a major device like Galaxy S3. This is because Samsung does not want to give the impression that the company does not care about its customers and wants to rectify any existing problem with Galaxy S2.
At the time Android 2.2 Froyo was released for the original version of Samsung Galaxy S, it turned out that there were problems in the functionality of the device. This first experience of Galaxy S phone made many users unhappy who decided not to purchase a Samsung device again. But Samsung still managed to gain a large market share and immense success with the Galaxy series, largely due to Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note. So the reason behind the delay of Galaxy S3 is also the same, Samsung wants to make Galaxy S2 free of any kind of problem before proceeding. So far, there is not any confirmed information regarding the release date and price of Samsung Galaxy S3. Many rumors, however, show up every day on the internet about the expected release of this giant device, but so far they have proven to be wrong. Let us wait and see when Samsung actually decides to release this device that has clearly become the most anticipated Android devices of the year so far.

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