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Samsung’s cryptic invitation to “Come and see the next Galaxy” on May 4

Samsung’s cryptic invitation to “Come and see the next Galaxy” on May 4

One should give Samsung the credit of all the extraordinary tight security that has been retained around Galaxy S3. Although there are scores of rumors and speculations on the internet and almost every week we have some new leaks or piece of information about the technical specs of the device. Samsung, however, has refrained from confirming or rejecting any of these rumors and is determined to keep everything secret. Even though the release date of the device has also been announced and just about two weeks are remaining in the actual release, there is no confirmed information on the phone.
Samsung has been playing some pretty cool tricks to keep the identity of the phone a secret. A generic box has been developed that is used by the employees of Samsung to conceal this phone. With this genetic box, the employees would be able to test the phone in public without raising any suspicions. The extent of tight security can be estimated from the fact that even the so-called inside resources are unable to confirm the simple thing that what would actually be the name of the device. Would it be even called Galaxy S3 or is Samsung planning to give it a new name? the invitations that were sent out about the 4th May event that would see the launch of this device simply read that “come and see the next Galaxy.”

There have seen several cases of false identity linked with Galaxy S3 as well. For example, last month a few snaps of a device with the code name GT-i9300 were leaked over the internet and it was speculated that this is the long awaited Galaxy S3. However, it turned out that the device was actually Samsung Galaxy M. Galaxy M is a mid range device with pretty decent features such as tracking of the user’s eyes to make sure that the screen is being viewed by someone. But anyways, Galaxy S3 is expected to be launched during the May 4 event and all eyes are set on that event. Let us hope that Samsung does not delay the release anymore and the launch of actual successor to Galaxy S2 takes place. Otherwise who knows, Samsung might release an updated version of Galaxy Note and decides to release Galaxy S3 at some later time, perhaps later this year.
Let’s all wait until tomorrow morning and see what Samsung has to offer.

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