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T-Mobile would start selling Galaxy Note 2 by the end of this year

T-Mobile would start selling Galaxy Note 2 by the end of this year

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was recently announced and displayed during the Berlin event of Samsung and now the information about the carriers offering this device is also coming out. According to the GLBenchmark test of the device which recently surfaced over the Internet, AT&T would soon start offering the device. Other than that, there are also rumors that T-Mobile might also be offering the device pretty soon. As for the other carriers, there is no solid information, although it is possible that this grand phone might be made available via all four major carriers of the US.

Online reports have suggested that T-Mobile would start selling the device by the end of this year. About section of a device with the part number SGH-T889 has been dug up from the Internet which has given rise to such speculations. It is generally believed that the part number and the user string agent belong to Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However, so far no official confirmation has been given by either T-Mobile or Samsung.

The original Galaxy Note had a part number SGH-T879, so the new part number SGH-T889 certainly has a possibility of belonging to the second generation version of Galaxy Note, since there is not much of a difference. Another thing that provides some more credibility to these speculations is that from the about page and the part number it seems that the mentioned device would come with Jelly Bean update already installed, which is the case with Galaxy Note 2. Besides, the given screen resolution of the device also happens to be 1280×720, which is the resolution of Galaxy Note 2. So there’s a lot of information that points in the direction of the rumors and speculations about Galaxy Note 2 being the listed device. The version of the device that T-Mobile would be offering would come with quad-core processor from Exynos and would also have support for HSPA+ 42 network of the carrier.

The original Galaxy Note was launched by T-Mobile in August, although it was not found on the website of the device. Although it has been listed again on the website, it also bears the tag of “out of stock.” The carrier has also not made it clear whether the device would be available for purchase in near future or not.

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